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 What his face looks like

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Somethiing Hairy

Somethiing Hairy

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What his face looks like Empty
PostSubject: What his face looks like   What his face looks like Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2008 10:44 pm

I saw him walking up by the water tower, but never saw him close enough that time. That was a few years back.
When i saw him flying on that weird contaption, I thought that he sort of resembles those federal agents that attacked Waco. Remember the suits were black.

I had raced to Smith road where I got in front of it. At that point I saw the face. It looked like the face was covered to right below the eyes.

It has been a while since this occured a few years or so back. I am getting older as the days pass.Someday, if the right team comes alng, i would like to go under hypnosis. I believe that I may have even been abducted in August 22 2006 when I saw the UFO that changed my life. Since that time...I have really been intriqued by this creture. I just know that the two are linked.

Something I must mention. I pour over old sightings on a daily basis. The other day I came across the article by Vance Orchard where he had talked with an old woman that lived on the Coppei Creek back in the 20's. She had mentioned that these creatures craned their necks like an owl.
When I read this, I quikly looked back into my mind of the moment that I hade got in front of it. As it turned into the field and traveled away from me , i recall that it craned its neck like an owl.

My neighbor said something the other day that opened a new avenue for me. He said that he thinks that these are robots.It is hard to say, but that is a possibility. Maybe what i saw was remote controlled. I strongly doubt this though. I am sure it was a Bigfoot.
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What his face looks like
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